Initiatives: Vermillion Roundtables

Multi-stakeholder roundtables arrive at solutions that are more generally accepted – and less vulnerable to external criticism – than special-interest proposals. The world needs more ideas that unite stakeholders.

That's why Vermillion is convening a series of safe and constructive roundtables to help businesses, citizens, researchers, NGOs and policy makers to work together instead of apart. This will enable them to pool their efforts and find answers to questions that matter to people.

If you see any fits between your objectives and ours, we invite you to discover how Vermillion research led to this program, and what you can do to demonstrate thought leadership and help us foster cooperation. Contact us

Skills training

Productivity suffers when graduates possess job skills on one hand and social and environmental concerns on the other—but few practical ways to integrate them. See a way to transfer your insights


Building momentum

After conducting original research, we report on the findings in white papers
—and invite further discussion at Vermillion events and conferences.

Getting specific

The second phase of the Innovators in Sustainability project involves a series of these roundtables.