About Vermillion: Economic Benefits

Why this project matters to your community

We are all connected. When companies learn to improve family leave policies, emissions, and their relationships with suppliers, they improve health and productivity.

When they improve safety, they reduce downtime as well as training and insurance costs—enriching their staff and investors thereby strengthening customer bases for themselves and others. And when they measure and manage resource use, such as fuel and water, they improve human health and take pressure off city budgets and regional utilities—reducing local taxes and user fees thereby building wealthier communities that pass less public debt onto future generations.

Improving public literacy

These ideas are central to sustainable development. But how many of your neighbors know that? Vermillion works to improve public literacy and promote real and measurable progress. Learn more

Our Media Project

Our events and documentaries are designed to show how innovators are re-shaping industry practices and building stronger communities for today & tomorrow. Learn more


Contact us if you know practitioners or companies that create benefits like these. And if you like what you're learning here, spread the word or get involved.